Maarten J. L. F. Cruyff, Ardo van den Hout, Peter G. M. van der Heijden, and Ulf Böckenholt Log-Linear Randomized-Response Models Taking Self-Protective Response Behavior Into Account Sociological Methods & Research 2007 36: 266-282.

Randomized response (RR) is an interview technique designed to eliminate response bias when sensitive questions are asked. In RR the answer depends partly on the true status of the respondent and partly on the outcome of a randomizing device. Although RR elicits more honest answers than direct questions do, it is susceptible to self-protective response behavior; that is, the respondent gives an evasive answer irrespective of the outcome of the randomizing device. The authors present a log-linear RR model that accounts for this kind of self-protection (SP). The main results of this SP model are estimates of (1) the probability of SP, (2) the log-linear parameters describing the associations between the sensitive characteristics, and (3) the prevalence of the sensitive characteristics that are corrected for SP. The model is illustrated with two examples from a Dutch survey measuring noncompliance with social welfare rules.

Key Words: randomized response • log-linear model • self-protective response behavior • regulatory noncompliance

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