SMR Blog Launch: Registration + Setup

The SMR Blog officially launches on May 19th.

All SMR citations (with abstracts) since 2005 have been posted to the blog.

Key words are those that were supplied by authors. The blog also has a search box which may therefore call up more content than clicking on a key word.

Articles with the PDF icon (PDF icon) are temporarily available to download free on the blog, via Sage Publications.

We encourage users to register. Here’s where you can do that.

Be sure to chose ‘just a username, please’ as not to go through setting up a blog at that time.  You can set up any username you like, although if you do want users to recognize you it would be helpful to use your real name as your display name. For example, username: jld55, display name: John Doe.

We also encourage sharing some information about yourself on your profile–minimally institutional affiliation, and link to your webpage, if available. You can also add a picture, and link to us on your website.

Here’s the address for the SMR blog: After registering with WordPress you can search “sociological methods & research” and join the conversation. You can sign up to get email updates as well.

You can also just start by just leaving a comment and we’ll invite you to be a contributor and get you set up that way.

If you have questions or need more help, please feel free to contact me here.

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3 Responses to SMR Blog Launch: Registration + Setup

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