Direct and Indirect Effects for Neighborhood-Based Clustered and Longitudinal Data

June 17, 2010

Tyler J. VanderWeele, Sociological Methods & Research 2010 38: 515-544.


Definitions of direct and indirect effects are given for settings in which individuals are clustered in groups or neighborhoods and in which treatments are administered at the group level. A particular intervention may Read the rest of this entry »

Multiple Informant Methodology: A Critical Review and Recommendations

June 17, 2010
Stephan M. Wagner, Christian Rau, and Eckhard Lindemann, Sociological Methods & Research 2010 38: 582-618.

The value of multiple informant methodology for improving the validity in determining organizational properties has been increasinglyrecognized. However, the majority of empirical research Read the rest of this entry »

Decomposing the Change in the Wage Gap Between White and Black Men Over Time, 1980-2005: An Extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Method

June 17, 2010
Sociological Methods & Research 2010 38: 619-651.

This article extends the Blinder—Oaxaca decomposition method to the decomposition of changes in the wage gap between white and black men over time. The previously implemented technique, in which the contributions of two decomposition components areestimated by Read the rest of this entry »